Greg Homan


(419) 852 4213


Sammi Timmerman



Luke VanTilburg


Central Committee Meetings
3rd Monday  *  7:30 p.m.
 Richardson Bretz Building
 119 West Fulton Street
 Celina, Ohio 45822



Greg Homan, Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy and Richard Delzeith Mercer County supporting Justice Kennedy (Republican) for Chief Justice in in 2022.




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Six of the seven Republican candidates running for US Senate participated in the first of several forums, answering questions from moderators and audience

Attending the forum (L to R)

Timken, Mandel, Moreno, Pukita, Gibbons, and Vance



Mercer County Republican Headquarters

Congressman Warren Davidson and Jim Jordan speak to 300 (plus) supporters

September 7, 2021 Event Hosted by Dave and Danielle Buschur and Tim and Katie DeLand.(Republican State Central Committee Woman)


Ann Staugler, Angie King, Congressman Jim Jordan, Dave Schroyer, Toni Slusser, Nancy and Tom Homan

2021 Mercer County Fair Tent

8th Congressional Representative, Warren Davidson

visits the 2021 Mercer County Fair


Mercer County Ohio Republican Elected Official

Back Row:  Commissioner:  Greg Homan, Prosecutor: Matt Fox,, Auditor: Randy Grapner,

Clerk of Courts: Cal Freeman, Commissioner: Rick Muhlenkamp, Engineer: Jim Wiechart, Sheriff: Jeff Grey

Front Row:  Treasurer: Dave Wolters, Commissioner: Jerry Laffin, Recorder Angie King,

Judge Kathy Speelman, Judge Matt Gilmore


Trump Boat Parade on Grand Lake St. Marys



Parade route in Ft. Recovery, Ohio for Trump Tractor Parade


Full house for Republican spring event at St. Henry Legion




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Question 1:

Who makes up the Republican and Democratic Party?


Short Answer:

Everyone who votes in a "Primary Election" is a member or is affiliated with the respective political party..


Long Answer:

The political parties are made up of registered voters who participate in Primary Elections. 


A "Primary Election"

(aptly named primary, because that's where it all begins) is the nominating process by which  candidates are chosen by the members or those affiliated, to represent their political party on a "General Election" ballot


Primary Election  candidates who receives the most votes, advance to be listed on the General Election ballot, and that winner, then represents the  citizens of the village, township, school board, county, state, or the whole country..



Question 2:

How is each political party's leadership chosen?


Short Answer:

Local and state party leadership is elected by "you" at the Primary Election in even numbered years..


Long Answer:

Specific details for how each Party's leadership is selected/elected is a little more complicated.


Each political party adopts rules and bylaws (which are a public record). 


You can start by contacting your local and state leadership. 


The Leadership is by legal definition called a Central Controlling Committee.  The roster of names is listed at the Mercer County Board of Election Website and then click on "Political Parties". 


There is a link to a list of each political party's elected leadership or central committee and their website.

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State Representative Craig Riedel speaks to Mercer County Voters about changes to House District  Maps for 2022


State School Board Member

Diana Fessler

Speaks to Mercer County Republicans about Schools in our district implementing

Critical Race Theory



Allen County Prosecutor speaks at Republican Central Committee meeting.  Waldick is seeking a seat on the 3rd District Court of Appeals


8th District Congressman Warren Davidson helps display pro-life shirt


Water Tower

Coldwater, OH




Does Mercer County

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Paid for by: Mercer County Republican Party (Luke VanTilburg, Treasurer)